Anadrol Classification:

Androgen; anabolic steroid
Active substance: oxymetholone
Trade name: pharamqo injectable anadrol 50mg
Form: injectable solution
Strength: 50mg/ml


What is Anadrol?

Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg X 10ml is a pharmaceutical-grade anabolic steroid primarily containing Oxymetholone. It’s formulated as an injectable variant, offering an alternative administration route compared to oral tablets. This compound is designed to aid in muscle growth, strength enhancement, and overall performance.


Recommended Dosage for Anadrol:

The recommended dosage of Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg may vary depending on individual experience, goals, and tolerance levels. However, a common dosage for beginners ranges between 25-50mg per day, while experienced users may gradually increase to 100mg per day. It’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional before initiating any dosage regimen.


How does Anadrol work?

Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg operates by boosting erythropoiesis, promoting red blood cell production, and enhancing protein synthesis. This mechanism facilitates increased muscle mass, strength, and performance, thereby aiding in rigorous workout sessions and expedited recovery.


 Benefits of taking Anadrol:

  • Rapid muscle mass gain
  • Heightened strength and endurance
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Enhanced protein synthesis
  • Accelerated recovery post-exercise


When should you take Anadrol?

Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg is typically used during bulking cycles when the primary objective is to gain muscle mass and strength rapidly. Athletes and bodybuilders often integrate it into their regimen to achieve noticeable results in a relatively short period.


When should you not take Anadrol?

Avoid Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg if you have a history of allergies to its components or suffer from conditions such as prostate cancer, breast cancer (in males), severe liver disease, or cardiovascular issues. Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals should also refrain from its use.


What is the Mechanism of Action of Anadrol:

Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg augments muscle growth primarily by increasing the synthesis of erythropoietin, stimulating red blood cell production, and improving nitrogen balance. This leads to enhanced oxygen delivery to muscles, contributing to increased strength and endurance.


Uses of Anadrol 50mg:

Apart from its use in bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancement, Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg is sometimes prescribed to combat certain medical conditions like anemia. However, its non-medical use for performance enhancement is prevalent.


Warnings and Precautions for Anadrol 50mg:

Prioritize caution and seek professional advice before using Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg. Overuse or misuse can lead to adverse effects on liver function, cardiovascular health, and hormonal imbalances. Regular monitoring and periodic health assessments are imperative during its usage.


Side effects of Anadrol 50mg:

Potential side effects may include liver toxicity, water retention, high blood pressure, acne, hair loss, and hormonal imbalances among others. It’s crucial to be vigilant and seek medical attention if any adverse effects manifest.


Drug Interactions of Anadrol:

Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg may interact with certain medications, including anticoagulants, insulin, or other anabolic steroids. Always disclose ongoing medication to your healthcare provider to prevent potential interactions.


Storage for Anadrol 50mg:

Store Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Follow manufacturer guidelines for proper storage to maintain its efficacy and safety.


Where to buy Anadrol 50mg?

Rohm steroids like Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg fall under regulated substances, they are typically accessible via authorized pharmacies, exercising caution with online suppliers, or through a prescription issued by licensed healthcare providers.

Pharmaco Injectable Anadrol 50mg can be a powerful ally in achieving fitness goals, but its usage demands meticulous attention, adherence to recommended dosages, and regular health monitoring to mitigate potential risks. Always prioritize safety and consult healthcare professionals for personalized guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How is PharmaQo Injectable Anadrol 50mg different from the oral version?

While the active ingredient, Oxymetholone, remains the same, the injectable form is often preferred by those seeking an alternative to oral administration. Injectable Anadrol may have a different absorption rate and potential benefits for users who prefer orals.

2. How should PharmaQo Injectable Anadrol 50mg be administered?

Injectable Anadrol is typically administered through intramuscular injection. It is essential to follow proper injection techniques and hygiene practices. Users should be familiar with safe injection procedures or seek guidance from healthcare professionals.

3. Can Injectable Anadrol be stacked with other products?

Yes, Injectable Anadrol can be part of a stack to complement other performance-enhancing compounds. However, it is advised to carefully plan and monitor any steroid stack, and consulting with a healthcare professional is highly recommended.

4. Is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) necessary after using Injectable Anadrol 50mg?

Yes, as with any potent anabolic steroid, a proper Post Cycle Therapy is essential to help the body recover its natural hormonal balance. This aids in minimizing potential side effects and maintaining gains achieved during the cycle.



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